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Body Turn

So...I'm going through all those places with Body turn as I prep for my Examiner's assessment. These are places where the body turns on top of the supporting leg without any turn of the foot. Do you know of any others?

Body turn L

Left whisk

Natural turn in ftrot 

Contra check

Closed wing (slight on 2,3)

Open telemark and wing for lady (slight on 3)

Open telemark and cross hesitation for lady (slight on 3)

Quick open reverse (slight on 3 for lady)

Progressive Chassé and PC to R


Cross Hesitation

Open impetus and cross hesitation for man: Turn body R on 3 then left on 5

Open telemark and cross hesitation for man: BTL on 3 then body completes turn on 5



Open telemark and wing on 5 man has body turn 6, 1/8 left in foot. Lady does not make that last amount of turn in feet only body

Open impetus and wing on 5 and 6?body turn