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Musings on dance technique, by no means definitive.

Oddities 1

One of my coaches recommended that I go through all the figures and write down what bits of technique are peculiar to those figures. So starting with some of the later figures here goes... 


Hover Corte

For the Lady she has a brush towards on step 2 as opposed to connecting the brush to the 3rd step as in a Spin Turn or Impetus. She will also have a continue to turn 1/8 on 2. The turn is split as in any outside of turn, but it is done on one weight change rather than over two steps. For the Man this is expressed as a pointing alignment on step 2 and the a multi-part amount of turn on step 2: 3/8 to left between 1 and 2 then body continues to turn on 2

The Man has an oddity on step 3 in that he has a transfer of weight rather than a step. In practice most good dancers would move their foot.


Fallaway Reverse Turn and Slip Pivot

Step 2 Man and Lady back in Fallaway side leading

Step 3 Man and Lady back in Fallaway and CBMP (Lady LF held in CBMP)  This step is listed oddly because the Lady has a Pivot but has an alignment not a direction.

Step  4 Man and Lady both dance a reverse pivot which commences to center and ends either DW or LOD.

Michael Choi