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Big Apple Ballroom

Millennium 2019

I’m not going to say we’ve got the best team but...

The week started with Rhythm on Wednesday. Cary has been making a big push to improve her Rhythm over the past month, working with Vanda and running rounds. She placed in several heats (as high as 2nd in full finals) with lots of competition. Heidi had her first Silver Rhythm comp and also made a big push. Hers was to be able to summon compact energy to be quick, slick, and ready. It made a huge difference in her dancing, and elevated the level and specificity of her actions (thank you Emmanuel) Vanda and Jerry came back to the Rhythm floor for the first time in over a year to compete (for the first time) in the 6-dance. Jerry made huge improvements in his structure and presentation, which I credit to his work with Vanda on Smooth.

This was Gary Tessitore’s first competition and he nailed it. He navigated from the big floor to the split floor without a hitch and his movement got fuller over the course of the day. He won all of his single dances and placed 1st and 3rd in two of his championships. Jerry also stuck the proverbial landing on his first Smooth comp, progressing with fuller, more musical dancing throughout the day, and winning his 6-dance event.

Cary danced Smooth as well, making all of her finals (we got the shaping in those shadow naturals, and the arm in the waltz fallaway). She placed well and we had a compact day because the main event was her show in the evening. Lucy came out in full force. Needless to say the performance was nearly flawless and had all the elements of acting and movement that we’ve been working on to tell this story. It was one of the highest scoring (if not the highest) solos I’ve ever been a part of with an average of 99. Thank you Pamela and Michael for helping us bring this idea to the floor and all your creative energies.

Congratulations also to all of Viktoriya’s Lake Mary Arthur Murray crew. I don’t have you all on Facebook to tag, but you danced with energy and skill for three days straight. I was particularly impressed with the solo theatrical numbers - a high degree of difficulty and beautiful execution. All of us Big Apple folks felt the love and hospitality - it’s mutual❤️

The Big Apple Ballroom Crew

The Big Apple Ballroom Crew

Michael Choi