Fellow. USISTD

Big Apple Ballroom

Galaxy Dance Festival

Thursday/Rhythm Day. 

Cary placed top 3 in most of her single dances and had much better command of the timings and actions in all dances. Heidi was going for broke from the beginning. In her second dance of the day she felt a pop and had to step off the floor for a moment with a pulled muscle. She fought through that and won most of her single dances and won the B Silver scholarship that evening.

Friday/Smooth Day

Gary started off the day with a much improved frame and brand new foxtrot. He’s been working hard with Vanda on internal tone and opposition in the body to maintain a full picture. Gary placed 3rd in the Bronze scholarship which is a pretty big deal considering he was competing with the ladies and in his first event where he’s made a final from semifinal.

Cary and Heidi came next dancing Silver. Both ladies danced with confidence from the start. Cary tied for the win of the Senior 2 Scholarship and Heidi placed 2nd in the B Championship.

Gretchen danced in her first Open Gold events, having just transitioned from the closed Gold. In some ways it’s no different, but in another there is a huge difference in the speed and follow through at the open level. She placed the in the Dancesport Series and was just shy of making the final in the Scholarship.

It’s a great testament to all their hard work that no matter how stressed, tired, injured, distracted, fatigued, or disappointed they were at any point, all our students gave stellar performances. One great thing about the experience of competition and performance is that it gives us a reason to move beyond the petty struggles of the moment to create our art. Much love and respect to you all.

Thank you to John, Sam, Marianne, and Linda. You’re always great hosts and run the most warm and inviting events (and we loved our room, thank you doubly). Vika and I had a great time dancing the Pro Smooth on Saturday. We were honored to place 5th amongst some talented and hardworking dancers, and even more honored to dance for such a supportive audience. Thank you Dawn for the beautiful dress from Dore Designs. Thank you to mi amor Vanda Polakova for all the team leadership and for finding a way to fit hair and makeup appointments for the Big Apple Team amidst your own dancing.

Only one regret - next year I hope to spend some time at the pool.

Michael Choi